San Diego Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters


Have you ever wondered about those beautiful logos seen in the most elegant businesses, the ones made out of dimensional letters and decorated with foreground lighting that cause a very pleasant impression on new and existing customers? At My Sign we have specialized in creating a wide assortment of dimensional letters to suit all your needs.

Our Capabilities

We work with aluminum, acrylic, PVC, foam and even wood, ensuring your sign will have the qualities you require, helping it remain beautiful and attractive for many years to come, no matter if you place it indoors or outside. Give your company logo that extra detail it needs to lend an air of professional elegance to your work place and add that special touch that will make those who see it remember you whenever they want the services you provide.

Dimensional letters have special qualities that make them a good option when you want to give your office a modern, yet professional look, and when used outdoors, they will give a better range of visibility to your sign, making them one of the best choices for different types of businesses, regardless of their size.

My Sign is a San Diego based sign company, we will gladly work by your side to select the most durable and cost-effective materials for your project, while providing our technical expertise to bring your 3-D imagination to life. But dimensional letters are not only durable, they are also versatile and come in a wide range of colors, with the most popular ones being brushed aluminum and chrome. As if this weren’t enough, routered letters can be cut into any size or shape, which means that the only limit to your project will be your imagination, and to make your sign even more attractive, we can place it flush with the wall, in layers or on stand offs, making each sign as original as only you can be.

All this makes 3 dimensional letters a favorite of professional corporations, government institutions, law and brokerage firms, and in general any business that wants to provide appealing advertisement in a down to earth and classy way. My Sign in San Diego is dedicated to work with you on a personal basis, provide you the best product and quick turnaround times at a market price.

Contact us today and we would be pleased to schedule an in-personal visit to bring your 3 Dimensional imagination to life.